How to Meet Transsexuals

You can meet ts girls. Follow my practical advice to start dating gorgeous transsexuals!Many men want to meet TS girls but don’t know where or how to begin. I’ll try to remove some of the mystique about these beautiful, exotic transsexuals. First, let me tell you that TS girls enjoy femininity very much and we adore being treated like a lady by a gentleman. Please don’t start off treating us as a sex object. While it’s true we’re different from genetic women, and we may enjoy sex very much, we don’t like being treated like trash. So what you have in a TS is someone who identifies as female gender but who has the genitalia of a male, unless she has completed gender reassignment surgery to become a woman.

Men who want to meet transsexuals for dating and romance often wonder what it will be like. They have seen transsexuals in porn and that’s about the extent of their knowledge. You’re reading this so you’ll not be in that unfortunate group of men. Many of them are well-intentioned but they lack the basic knowledge that will allow them to take their transsexual fantasy into the realm of reality.



NEW! TS Chat and Social Network

TS COMMUNITY & SUPPORT: We have thousands of transgender community members and friends. TS chat is a great way to explore your place in the transgender community. Come join us in a safe, welcoming environment and meet new friends! We have chat rooms designed specifically for the transgender community and trans support rooms.

TS ADMIRERS: If you’re an admirer or want to engage in naughty chat we have you covered too. Just sign up and look in the TS chat rooms list for adult-themed rooms just for you!

We’ve created a TS chat room and social network platform with something for everyone. We don’t have a lot of chat rules but we need a few to be sure the chat flows smoothly. Please read through the chat rules and make sure you follow them. Join the conversations and get to know everyone. There are some great transgender folks and community friends who will be happy to chat with you. Click here to sign in or join transgender chat – it’s always free!

TS Chat – You Must Agree To The Rules Stated Below

TS Chat Rules: The TS chat room is frequently monitored by moderators who may or may not identify themselves as staff members. You must abide by their instructions at all times. We try not to be overbearing but some simple rules are needed to ensure a sense of safety and a free flow of live chat.

1. You must be at least 18 years of age per the site rules.
2. Name calling, harassment, racism, bigotry, and general disrespect towards other chatters is not permitted.
3. Do not publicly or privately post any personally identifying information or private conversations.
4. Conversations involving politics and religion are allowed only in the Politics and Religion & Spirituality rooms, respectively.
5. Arguing with chat moderators is not permitted.
6. Please block members who cause problems or with whom you have personal issues.
7. Do not post Craigslist style ads in the lobbies. (eg. 24/looking for phone or cam fun. etc.) Use topic rooms for these kinds of chat requests.
8. Do not spam or flood the room.
9. Cybering in group/public chat is only allowed in the adult themed rooms.

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It’s ok to treat us like you would any woman. Don’t call us shemales. It is a porn term that is despised by most transgender community members. You wouldn’t walk up to a woman and say, you’re a  hot ass shemale would you? It’s a sad fact that most men treat transsexuals as a sex objects or freaks with no other redeeming characteristics. The truth is that you’ll find transsexuals to be sensitive, caring and intelligent people. In fact, studies have shown that transsexuals rank higher than average in intelligence. Imagine that!

Most men have learned about transsexuals from the porn industry. Many people believe

the porn industry marginalizes transsexuals as sex objects with no other useful purpose. I have a somewhat different take on the matter. I believe that porn is entertainment — in this case transsexual entertainment. It is their job to focus on the sexual aspects of transsexuals and how they can satisfy their male partners. There is nothing wrong with that provided you understand it is entertainment and not reality.

Many men also believe that transsexuals have an unlimited sex drive and they want to have nasty sex with every man they encounter. This is also a false notion that can get you in trouble with the TS girls. Transsexuals are varied and have many different needs, pretty much the same as anyone else. Many of us are quite sexual, but don’t assume that every TS girl wants to have sex with you. You’ll need to be a gentleman and earn that honor!

If you want to date transsexual women then you should take a little time to learn proper transgender terminology and identify exactly what type of t-girls you’re looking for.  Do you want to meet shemales, transsexuals or crossdressers? Should she be non-op, pre-op or post-op? Are you looking for a long term relationship? Do you just want a hook up? If so that’s fine — you can find transsexuals for hookups too but you’ll still need to treat them like ladies. Remember that we are real people with real needs and we’re seeking love and friendship the same as anyone else.

The fact is that transsexuals have many opportunities for male attention. You will have a know a little more than the average TS admirer if you want to be successful in meeting and dating lovely transsexual women. I can tell you that I find it very stimulating when a man is a gentleman who displays some knowledge of the transgender world. That combination is like an aphrodisiac for me. I find it incredibly sexy when a man treats me with respect, understands me and wants to do more than just get laid. Speaking for myself, I can tell you he is likely to be a very happy man!

If you understand all of this you’re doing better than most of the men I meet online. I encourage you to take your learning a step further. You can download Amber Lynn’s free T-Girl Dating Guide in the right sidebar of my web site. She will explain everything in much greater detail but it won’t take days to read. It’s fairly concise, yet thorough enough to give you a firm understanding of how to meet TS women, how to treat us and how to move your transsexual fantasy into the realm of reality.

You can get started meeting TS girls now. I’d love to hear your success stories!

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Take the time to spoil yourself. You deserve a break from the everyday grind just as much as anyone else. Find some new friends, chat with new people and maybe find a love interest.

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